Sweetnight Mattress Review

In this mattress review, we will cover everything you need to know about Sweetnight Mattress in 2022 for you to make a buying decision.

Throughout this review, we’ll reveal all the benefits and drawbacks of this mattress, including its firmness, feel, construction, performance, and more. 

Now let’s get started.

Sweetnight Mattress Review

Sweetnight mattresses are made with two layers of memory foam.

Poly foam is used for the top layer, while gel memory foam is used for the bottom layer.

A soft, breathable textile covers the bottom so you can regulate your body temperature and prevent overheating.

Sweetnight’s mattress is not only comfortable to sleep on, but it’s also competitively priced.

In-dept Review on the Sweetngiht Mattress

Is the SweetNight Mattress firm?

Sweetnight Mattress Reviews

A layer of gel memory foam sits on top of each layer of SweetNight’s mattress.

While the gel doesn’t provide body contouring or a slow response to pressure, it does let you sink deeper into the bed and draws heat away from you.

This is important because your shoulders tend to sink deeper into the bed with this type of foam.

But the firmness of the mattress won’t affect the overall comfort of your sleep, and you’ll likely find that it’s not suitable for those who sleep on their sides.

Sweetnight Sunkiss Mattress

Sweetnight Sunkiss Mattress​

Tests are conducted using a variety of tools to determine how well a mattress performs for different sleepers. There are many different types of sleepers, and I am committed to helping you figure out how this mattress might work for you. Find out how the Sweetnight Sunkiss Mattress did on my tests below.

Trying the SweetNight Sunkiss Mattress in various sleeping positions

You likely have a preference or need for support level, depending on your weight and sleeping position. I’ve outlined what your Sweetnight Sunkiss Mattress experience might be like for sleepers of all sizes and shapes below. 

How well does the SweetNight Sunkiss mattress perform for light sleepers (under 130 lb)?

  • Light Back Sleepers – Sleeping on the firm side will help this group feel more on top of the mattress and less “stuck” inside of it.
  • Light Side Sleepers – This bed is ideal for light side sleepers as its soft side relieves pressure on shoulders and hips.

  • Light Stomach Sleepers – This mattress is perfect for stomach sleepers because it is firm enough to keep their spines aligned.

How well does the SweetNight Sunkiss Mattress perform for average weight sleepers (130 - 250 lb)?

  • Average Weight Back Sleepers – For back sleepers who struggle to achieve proper alignment with their spines, the firm side of the Sunkiss is a great choice.

  • Average Weight Side Sleepers – These sleepers could benefit greatly from the Sunkiss, however, if they’re looking to relieve pressure in their shoulders, I recommend the softer side.

  • Average Weight Stomach Sleepers – These sleepers would benefit from a firmer side as well. The pelvis should be supported so that the hips remain upright in line with the shoulders. 

How good is the SweetNight Sunkiss mattress for heavy sleepers (over 250 lb)?

  • Heavy Back Sleepers – This mattress has little to offer these sleepers, since it will likely not support their spines in a healthy manner. Take a look at our best mattresses for heavy people to find a mattress that is better suited to their needs and body weight.

  • Heavy Side Sleepers – Please refer to the above.

  • Heavy Stomach Sleepers – Please refer to the above.

Pain Relief Performance of the SweetNight Sunkiss Mattress

  • Back Pain – The softer Sunkiss is ideal for those suffering from joint pain, while the firmer Sunkiss is ideal for those who sleep on their belly. The firmer side will certainly be appreciated by those who sleep on their side, while those who sleep on their back will certainly appreciate the body-contouring properties. It is important for belly sleepers to find that the firmer side of the mattress has just the right amount of convenience foam for cushioning.

  • Shoulder Pain – The softer side is best if you suffer from shoulder pain and are a back sleeper. You should be aware that some people may find the Sunkiss too plush and sink right into it. I recommend flipping it to the soft side for a little relief if you spend way too much time on the solid side. Last but not least, belly sleepers should stick to the solid side to prevent back pain.

  • Hip Pain – For back or stomach sleepers who need hip assistance, mattresses that are firm on the firm side are ideal. It is recommended that you sleep on the softer side if you are a side sleeper. Meanwhile, the softer side relieves pressure and also shapes to the body, preventing these sleepers from feeling repressed.

Performance of Sunkiss Mattress for Couples

Several tests are run to identify which features pairs need the most. The mattress is examined for motion transfer, sex, edge support, as well as cooling, all of which play an important role in coexisting in the bed room with your partner.

Motion Transfer

Let us now examine motion transfer. The test involves going down a 10-pound sphere from heights of four inches, eight inches, and also twelve inches. A seismometer directly across SweetNight measures non-isolated activity. As a result, the mattress should isolate movement. You will not feel anything as long as your partner is not jumping into and out of bed or resting uncomfortably.

Movement seclusion is exceptional on both sides of the SweetNight Mattress. As the mattress is not very bouncy, I assumed that it would certainly separate activity well. Particularly if they share the bed with a troubled partner, couples should make the most of this opportunity.


Couples must combine both motion transfer and responsiveness for a good sex experience. You can also walk more easily if you have lots of bounce. When Dikolson Mattresses conducts a bounce examination, they drop a 10-pound steel sphere on the mattress to see just how it responds. In this case, neither side of the mattress showed significant bounce. As a result, I recommend that you do not choose to have sex with the SweetNight Sunkiss.


The warmth created by two people sleeping together during the night is greater than that created by a single person. Besides its slim, breathable cover, the mattress has gel-infused memory foam that resists heat retention. While you can sleep comfortably and stay cool on this mattress, if you’re particularly hot at night, check out our top picks for the very best cooling mattress.

Edge Support

It’s important for couples to consider side support since it determines whether one or both of you can rest right on the edge of the bed or if the entire surface of the mattress can be used. A mattress with strong edges may actually feel much larger than it really is! The mattress is good for couples in terms of movement separation, but it lacks edge support.

What materials make up the SweetNight SunKiss mattress?

Mattress covers on SweetNight Sunkiss mattresses are made of breathable polyester. Below, we find two layers of HD poly foam, which keeps you from sinking too much into the bed. As the last layer, gel-infused memory foam helps you penetrate the mattress on the softer side, but it will not always feel its power on the firm side. Let’s take a closer look at what this bed is constructed of!

Cover – SweetNight Mattress is made entirely of foam and is made from breathable polyester. Mattress covers are thin and breathable, so the mattress stays cooler. As SweetNight mattresses typically contain memory foam, which has a tendency to trap heat, heat dissipation is important.

Firm Comfort Layer – There is a firm layer of high-density poly foam right beneath the cover when the mattress is turned over. Mattresses in a box are normally topped with HD poly foam. Sleeping on your belly or back makes it a convenient layer that can help with back alignment.

Transition Layer – A layer of high-density poly foam is found on both sides of the SweetNight, known as the assistance core. Sleepers don’t sink too much into the softer side of the SweetNight Mattress because it is composed of two layers of high-density poly foam.

Soft Comfort Layer – Three layers make up the SweetNight Mattress, two poly foam layers and a gel memory foam layer. It is hard for sleepers to experience the body contouring and slow response to stress that memory foam is recognized for if the firm side is up, which it is here. When the mattress is turned over to the soft side, the sleeper is able to sink much deeper into the mattress. Some sleepers report that the gel infusion helps them if they tend to overheat during the night (this is only the case if the memory foam side is up).

In general, many Sleepers feel on top of the SweetNight’s firm side, which is definitely more supportive with plenty of spinal placement. Those who sleep on their backs or on their bellies are most likely to benefit from this type of support. The firm side might cause shoulder joint pain for those who sleep specifically on their sides. It has a thin cover that can be flipped over to reveal a softer layer of gel memory foam. For side sleepers, this may be a much more comfortable option.

Off-Gassing the SweetNight Sunkiss Mattress

A conventional bed-in-a-box will arrive with a plastic bag to protect the Sweetnight Sunkiss Mattress. Before using your mattress, SweetNight recommends letting it decompress for 72 hours. Mattresses should be allowed to fully expand, as well as allowing any odors to escape. The smell from these types of beds is similar to that of a new mattress, but that is nothing to be concerned about.

Here's what I have to say about SweetNight Sunkiss Mattress

Sweetnight Mattress

In closing, let’s take a look at my overall impressions of the SweetNight Sunkiss mattress.

Off-Gassing the SweetNight Sunkiss Mattress

SweetNight’s flippable feature is what makes it my favorite mattress. Gel memory foam mattresses are suitable for a variety of sleepers thanks to their two firmness levels. This is an excellent mattress for people who sleep on their backs or stomachs, as well as those who sleep on their side. Additionally, I appreciated the level of movement isolation in this mattress, which will help couples get a good night’s sleep without disturbing each other.

Concerns about my Sunkiss SweetNight mattress

Due to its strong construction, this mattress lacks bounce, so you may feel like you are embedded in it while you sleep. Particularly if you frequently change positions during the night and are a mix sleeper, you must take this into consideration. It is possible that a person with more than 250 extra pounds will not receive adequate back support. In spite of its firmer side, this holds true regardless of which way the mattress is turned.

As of the time this article was written, not all SweetNight beds were available in all sizes. Depending on the mattress you choose, this might cause a delay. There are currently no more Sunkiss mattresses available in queen or economy sizes. There are numerous SweetNight models available on Amazon, but not the Sunkiss.

What is the price of the SweetNight Sunkiss?

Below you’ll find a chart that lists all of the mattress’s sizes, heights, and costs. You can find the latest coupon by clicking on the links in this review.

For each size, the price listed will be before any discount or offer. 

FAQs on SweetNight Sunkiss Mattress

Does the SweetNight Sunkiss ship for a reasonable price?

FedEx offers free shipping, and UPS provides $20 shipping.

Can I try a SweetNight Sunkiss mattress before I buy it?

There is a 100-night sleep trial available.

Is the SweetNight Sunkiss mattress covered by a warranty?

The SweetNight mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.

Is my SweetNight Sunkiss mattress compatible with a box spring?

Box springs are not required for these beds.

SweetNight Sunkiss Mattress vs. Other Mattresses

You’re probably also considering some of SweetNight Sunkiss’ competitors as you consider a new bed. By comparing this mattress with the Layla Rest Memory Foam and also with the Idle Hybrid Mattress, I hope to help you narrow your search.

SweetNight Sunkiss Mattress vs. Layla Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

  • There are two sides to each mattress, each offering a firm and a soft side.
  • The firm sides of each mattress are rated 7.5 out of 10, while the soft sides are rated 6 out of 10, and 5.5 out of 10 respectively.
  • While both of these beds are made of memory foam, the Layla likely sleeps a bit cooler, since it creates more airflow.
  • Find out more in our full Layla review.

SweetNight Sunkiss Mattress vs. Idle Hybrid Mattress

  • Aside from providing pressure relief and body contouring, the Idle Hybrid also prevents overheating from occurring.
  • The Idle Hybrid flips over just like the Layla and Sunkiss!
  • In terms of sex, the Idle Hybrid would probably be a better choice than the Sunkiss, since it offers a bit more bounce.
  • You can read my full review of the Idle Hybrid here.

Other SweetNight Mattress models

As we examine a few of one of the most popular mattresses on the market, let’s take a look at a few that are a bit more specific. Here are a few examples of how the Island, Wind, Whisper, Golden, and Ocean Blue stack up against the Sunkiss.

SweetNight Sunkiss Mattress vs. SweetNight Island Mattress

  • It features coils wrapped in steel and memory foam infused with a gel-like substance.
  • A Twin-size Island mattress isn’t available like the Sunkiss or the rest of the SweetNight models.
  • While the Sunkiss cannot support heavier sleepers, the Island can.
  • Discover more in our full SweetNight Island review.

SweetNight Sunkiss Mattress vs. SweetNight Breeze Mattress

  • The Breeze mattress has an additional 8-inch version in addition to the 10 and 12-inch versions.
  • Heavy sleepers will benefit from the Breeze, but not from the Sunkiss.
  • According to SweetNight, these mattresses have back pain relief properties.

SweetNight Sunkiss Mattress vs. SweetNight Ocean Blue Mattress

  • If you’re looking for a supportive, value-priced, firm mattress, the Ocean Blue is a good option.
  • The Blue Cover mattress is also the only one among the SweetNight lineup without a king-size option.
  • These mattresses are not designed for heavier people.
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